Coastal Carolina's Rigid Mini-Cup Association

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Coastal Carolina's Rigid Mini-Cup Association



South Carolina Clash
Dillon Motor Speedway
March 10, 2012

   Pass SC Clash 150
1st    # 26    Preston Peltier
2nd   # 4     Jay Foglerman
3rd   # 3      Stephen Nasse 

1st    # 14    Trey Jarrell
2nd   # 46    Jack Spillers
3rd    # 7     Dillon Spain

 Allison Legacy
1st    # 27    Justin LaDuke
2nd   # 8      John Nemecheck
3rd   # 11    Casey Hillenburg

Super Limited Late Models
1st    #59    Clay Thomas
2nd   # 5     Austin Leitner
3rd   # 97   Asher Johnston 

Mini Cup Jr.
1st    # 71    Nick Robinson

Mini Cup Stock
1st    # 9     Brandon Bass
2nd   # 3     Jessica Poland
3rd   # 88   Chris Conner

If you didn't make it to Dillon Motor Speedway on Saturday Night ... I'm Sorry!!
If you made the trip ... You got your monies worth!!
If you made the trip, but ... didn't stay for the Mini Cup Race ... well , thats your lost!!!

  For this race fan, It's been a long winter, mild but long. 
Thanks to Jenna Sofield for doing a great job singing the National Anthem.
  The #88jh of Justin Hicks took the pole for the 25 lap main event. The battle for the lead heated up with the #27 Bill Willis, # 71 Nick Robinson,# 11 Josh Patterson, #9 Brandon Bass, and the #88cc Chris Conner all up front mixing it up for the lead. Clutch problem took Bill out, and Justin met the wall in turn four, When it came down to the last lap, with Chris in the lead with Josh on his heels with Brandon close behind they went into turn three. This is where things got heated up...Josh took the lead by going to the bottom, under Chris, well that don't always work out. Brandon didn't get caught up in this mess, and took the Checkered  Flag for his first Mini Cup win. What a way to start off the 2012 year at DMS.
   Dillon Motor Speedway and the Pass Series put on a great night of racing...Thanks Ron. Special thanks to the two ladies in the infield concession stand putting out the best Bolonga Burgers, and Cheezy fries in the great USA. God Bless America



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